A product with enhanced resistance to mechanical damage, allowing for precise setting of the dimension of the outer diameter of the hydraulic conduit crimp. Obtaining the correct size is indicated by the red indicator coming from the center of the calibrator.

Compact design

Dual speed hand pump makes the operator's job easier. This element also includes a jaw drawer, which will facilitate their storage. The device also has FLAT-FACE quick-release couplings for quick and easy connection of the pump with the head.

Separate head

The magnet built into the head will make it easier to hold it in a place that is hardly accessible to other machines from the NKH series. Thanks to this solution, the operator will be able to attach it to a metal element more easily in order to lock a broken hydraulic hose. The design of the machine also prevents the ingress of dust or other debris, which further improves the protection of the cylinder and seals.


The main activity of DPRS POLAND is to provide a wide range of products related to power hydraulics and industry. We will help in the selection of hoses and couplings according to the business profile of your company. We will prepare a starter package for a service that wants to provide services for crimping hydraulic and industrial hoses, and we will equip the warehouse with the necessary assortment to carry out service of hoses in machines of various types. Our main goal is the development of your company. We achieve this with professional advice and a profiled rebate system that also shapes our strong position on the Polish market.


Neotech Marken NKS16

Parameters Model
Sizes ( WI x HE x DE )
Weight ( with oil HV32, without dies )
300 mm x 220 mm x 400 mm
27 kg
Head Crimping force
Opening with dies
Opening without dies
Main dies length
80 tons
Ø die + 20 mm
59 mm
56 mm
Maximal internal diameter of hose 1 braided
2 braided
4 braided SP
Maximal size of elbow BSP
Maximal demension of crimping
Minimal demension of crimping
1” (DN 25 mm)
1” (DN 25 mm)
1/2” (DN 12 mm)
44 mm
4 mm
Power supply 2 speed handle hydraulic pomp
This crimping machina can work with hydraulic-pneumatic pomp (320 bar).
Avalible sizes of dies sets
Ø of dies 04 06 10 12 15 18 21 24 27 30
Lenght 56
Machine made in France, with CE standards about health and safety.