O-ring R134 fitting female

The female fitting made of aluminum and steel, is used in both automotive and refrigeration systems. It is characterized by precision construction and resistance to difficult working conditions, freon, oils, glycol and many others.

DPRS Poland offers R134 female threaded o-rings in a wide variety of threads, diameters and types: straight and 45 ° and 90 ° elbow, which are compatible with the air hoses in our offer. The connector is fitted with a ferrule crimped by a crimper for air conditioning, which you will also find in the DPRS Poland offer.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the table of threads and sizes:

SizeThreadHose internal diameter [inch]TypeCode
#65/8-18 UNF5/16"straight fitting G6277.106 V
#83/4-16 UNF13/32"straight fitting G8277.108 V
#107/8-14 UNF1/2"straight fitting G10277.110 V
#121.1/16-14 UNS5/8"straight fitting G12277.112 V
#65/8-18 UNF5/16"elbow 45° fitting G6277.406 V
#83/4-16 UNF13/32"elbow 45° fitting G8277.408 V
#107/8-14 UNF1/2"elbow 45° fitting G10277.410 V
#121.1/16-14 UNS5/8"elbow 45° fitting G12277.412 V
#65/8-18 UNF5/16"elbow 90° fitting G6277.906 V
#83/4-16 UNF13/32"elbow 90° fitting G8277.908 V
#107/8-14 UNF1/2"elbow 90° fitting G10277.910 V
#121.1/16-14 UNS5/8"elbow 90° fitting G12277.912 V


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