GALAXY® thin-walled hose

High quality GALAXY® 4860 thin-walled air hose with one textile braid. Made of the best types of rubber and thermoplastic polymers: CR, PA, NBR, PET, SBR, CIIR. Characterized by lightness and high elasticity. The hose operates in a wide temperature range from -40 ° C to + 135 ° C.

galaxy thin

Meets global OE specifications. Continental GALAXY 4860 air conditioning hose works with oils and freon. offers thin walled hoses for air conditioning in many sizes. Single Braid Type C Barrier Hose

Light Weight and Flexible

Temperature range of -40oF to +275oF (-40oC to +135oC) Meets many global OE specifications

Compatible with: R12/R134a Refrigerants

Tube- CR Barrier– PA Friction- NBR Reinforcement– PET Cover- CIIR

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the table of sizes and diameters:


SizeInternal diameter [mm / cal]External diameter [mm]Pressure work/bursting[bar]
#67,9 - 8,6 / 5/16"14,2-15,270/140
#810,2-11,2 / 13/32"16,8 - 17,870/140
#1012,5-13,5 / 1/2"18,9 - 19,970/140
#1215,6-16,6 / 5/8"23,1-24,170/120


Radosław Świderski