GALAXY® thick-walled hose

galaxyHigh quality GALAXY® 4828 thick wall hose with two textile braids. Made of the best types of rubber and thermoplastic polymers: CR, PA, NBR, PET, SBR, CIIR. It is characterized by high flexibility. The hose operates in a wide temperature range from -30 ° C to + 125 ° C. Meets global OE specifications. The Continental GALAXY®4828 hose for air conditioning works with oils and freon. DPRS Poland offers thick walled hoses for air conditioning in many sizes. Two Spiral Barrier Hose J51 AI Outside Diameters

Temperature Range -22°F to 257°F (-30°C / +125°C)

Compatible with: R12 / R134a Refrigerants Mineral oils / PAG’s Meets J2064 “Type C Class II” Hose Performance Flexible, easy to route

Tube- CR Barrier– PA Friction- NBR Reinforcement– PET Friction-SBR Cover- CIIR


SizeInternal diameter[mm / cal]External diameter[mm]Pressure work/bursting[bar]
#67,8 – 8,6 / 5/16″17,5-19,124/121
#810,2-11,1 / 13/32″21,4-23,024/121
#1012,4-13,6 / 1/2″23,8-25,424/121
#1215,6-16,8 / 5/8″27,0-28,517/86


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