Concrete pump hoses


 Concrete pump hoses

DPRS Poland offers concrete hoses for the production of ready-made wires. They are used for transferring or pouring concrete or reinforced concrete, in various types of building constructions, mainly at ceilings and load-bearing walls. The concrete pump under pressure pushes concrete to every floor of the building, from underground garages to the highest floors, even 80 meters high. Hoses for concrete pumps are characterized by exceptional resistance to abrasion and weather conditions. During work, they are subjected to extreme friction, heating, creasing and stretching, which means that they are required to be made of the most durable materials. The correct operation of the fuel line depends on the timely performance of the service, work safety, and final profit.

About quality concrete pomps hoses from DPRS POLAND

Particularly noteworthy are NORTH FIGHTER® concrete pump hoses, which currently are a recognizable brand throughout the world. NORTH FIGHTER owes its success to very long life and accuracy. Each hose for NORTH FIGHTER® concrete pumps passes quality control before being sent to the customer. Users know that NORTH FIGHTER® rubber hoses are so resistant that they last as long as steel. A hose for high quality concrete pumps is a reliable use for a very long time. It’s a good idea to get a NORTH FIGHTER® concrete hose before the biggest and heaviest jobs.

About crpimping concrete hoses

To crimp the hose, one should get an industral crimping machine and fittings, available in diffrent types and sizes. Hoses for concrete pumps are available in various types and sizes. Self-assembly of hoses for concrete pumps saves time and access to the market with big entry barriers. Call and stock your hose service’s wearhouse in concrete pump hoses today!