Wąż wielozadaniowy multipurpose EPDM SEMPERIT

Multipurpose EPDM SEMPERIT multipurpose hose

DPRS Poland offers a multipurpose 20 bar EPDM hose brand SEMPERIT. The EPDM SEMPERIT multipurpose hose feature is resistant to both high temperatures and delicate aggressive fluids. Used for the transmission of water, air or chemicals in industry and household.

Application of EPDM  multi-purpose hoses

Flexible universal hose with very good resistance to aging, abrasion and weather conditions. Designed for compressed air, water and light chemicals with a very wide range of applications.

Construction of the EPDM SEMPERIT multi-purpose hose

Multi-purpose multipurpose hose has been designed and manufactured by European engineers. Inner and outer layer made of high quality EPDM rubber. Between the cured layers of a rubber hose, there are two textile braids ensuring a pressure resistance of up to 20 bar. It has elastic properties, high temperature resistance and is resistant to delicate chemistry.

The EPDM compound, used for the production of the hose, is resistant to high temperatures, ozone and weather conditions. For safety reasons, the EPDM multi-purpose hose conducts electrical loads on the inner and outer layers, and their resistance is R106 Ohm. Thanks to the use of a special, spiral textile reinforcement, the EPDM hose retains the “light” of the diameter at the large radius of the hose turn.

The hose design allows the use of both clips, clamps, buckles or professional fittings and connectors. To increase the quality of our products, we recommend equipping the plant with a manual, hydraulic or industrial slide. The offer can be consulted under the link – Machines for the production of wires. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of industrial connectors. The offer is available under the link – industrial connectors.

Warning: If you are not sure about the media you are using, please contact technical support.
Temperature range: -40 ° C / + 95 ° C.
Safety factor: 4: 1
Tube: EPDM, black, smooth, conductive electrical charges
Reinforcement: textile
Cover: EPDM, black, smooth, electrically conductive, ozone resistant and atmospheric
Marking: black continuous inscription: “SEMPERIT S MP 20-EPDM MULTI PURPOSE PN 20 BAR DN” and three longitudinal blue strips.

Internal diameter mmWall width mmExternal diameter mmWorking pressure bar maxNumber of insertsBending radius mm minWeight ca. kg/mCoil length max. m


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Radosław Świderski


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