Serwis hydrauliki DPRS


Almost 20 years of experience in the service gives us extreme possibilities, which allow accurate and reliable technology and quality. We have a quality system that minimizes human failure by applying the relevant procedures. We test our hoses by stress test pressure test. In some cases, we use to test gas penetrating. These techniques eliminates complaints, saves time and what is important, it is pro-environmental. The standard of these procedures are hoses for pneumatic brake systems and classic brake fluids.

Employees of service without major problems reproduce bent wires of various shapes arches of tubular steel and copper using electromechanical bender. In these techniques we use pipes silver brazing which makes the product more resistant to corrosion and leakage and improves the safety and performance life of the product.

Our company has in stock several thousand kinds of metric and inch fittings. These include standard nipples with external thread and internal, banjo and screws, flanges, ferrules, reductions and adapters, connectors, bulkhead valves, low and high pressure fittings camlock type connectors, hydraulic quick couplings and quick couplings for air , various connectors geka type and many others, even connectors and fittings for air conditioning. What is more, we offer brake hoses and fittings for high-pressure washers. We have wide range of sizes and types of range hydraulic hoses, ie. 1SN, 2SN, 4SP, 4SH, from producers like SEMPERIT and SPEEDPRO. We recommend spiral or textile hose protection to prevent damage of hoses. We also offer industrial textile hoses products. These products are in the range of 3mm to DN 500mm.

Our company is prepared for a lot of technical challenges and has the necessary appropriate technological facilities, storage and fully qualified staff.


Working hours:

Monday - Friday 8.00 - 18.00

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Urgent matters 24h - kom. 502 656 002